About Alpha Technology Systems Ltd

Alphatech has become known as Teesside’s reliable IT provider for business.   How did that happen?   Well, we believe IT should be like oxygen.   You don’t think about it, breathing should be easy, but if it runs out you want it sorting out fast. The same should be true of your IT systems. How do we protect you? We invest in systems that remotely monitor your systems and if problems do pop up, we’ll usually fix them before you’re aware they happened.

The most common compliment we get is: “Rob, now we’re with alphatech our IT just works” If you want to focus on your business and your IT to “just work” then you need a partner you can rely on. If the occasional issue does pop up, we answer the phone within 3 rings and have you back up and running quickly. We provide a full range of IT solutions which can be customised to your specific needs, if you aren’t sure what you need, we’ll help you to set up the perfect support for you:

1. IT Support – We act as your dedicated IT department. Proactively ensuring your IT just works and is updated as needed. This means you avoid “IT meltdowns” and can relax and focus on running your business.

2. Security & Anti-Virus – We offer state of the art Endpoint Protection for your business. Avoid being scammed, hacked, and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your safe.

3. Data Recovery – If the worst happens, we could recover data. But we set up systems and backups to prevent you from losing important data. Protection is better than cure.

4. Virtual Working & Office 365 – virtual solutions to allow your team to work remotely.

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Contact: Rob Rushby


Phone: 01642 309767