About Bondgate IT Services

Bondgate IT is a technology managed service provider.  Our ethos is very much focused on helping businesses at any stage of their development to harness technology and supporting their business growth.

Technology is about people; it should empower, increase efficiency and help a business achieve their commercial goals delivering real tangible benefits.

Through our multi-tier team, we have significant experience of directing, managing, supporting and delivering strategic IT solutions, support and advice to businesses, from sole traders up to those employing over 2000 staff across multiple locations.  This experience ensures Bondgate IT can work as a collaborative partner in the quest to create the best possible business environment for digital businesses to grow and prosper.

As an advisor, Garry Brown works as an IT Strategist, helping businesses align their technology with their operational and commercial goals, ensuring that maximum efficiency and effectiveness is achieved from investment in technology.  With over 21 years’ experience of running Bondgate IT, Garry has successfully delivered and fulfilled multiple IT strategic plans with many businesses in the combined Tees Valley including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Charitable and Professional Service organisations.

Contact: Garry Brown


Phone: 01325 369950