About CP Waites

We can provide a business and cash flow planning consultancy service to businesses in the Tees Valley to assist them in the next 12 months.

There is no doubt that many businesses will have taken advantage of the tax deferrals, loans and grants, but the tax deferrals and loans will have to be repaid and we foresee the first quarter of 2021 being a real challenge and critical for many businesses.

In discussions with business owners, management and key staff, we would help businesses to:

  • Examine their existing business in terms of their clients and sales
  • Review their ongoing costs
  • Quantify existing liabilities in the business and when they are due
  • Consider options to generate additional income from new customers, new markets and new products and opportunities to reduce costs
  • Develop and document a business plan for the short to medium term
  • Prepare cash flow forecasts and consider further funding requirements
  • Assist in monitoring cash flow forecasts to actual performance
  • We would also liaise with other professionals involved with the fund who may be able to assist the business.

Contact: Nick Waites


Phone: 07711 688771