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We are an independent company based in the Tees Valley area, with a passion for supporting positive mental health and wellbeing and we have two online toolkit/app style products; ‘Dedicated Friend’ and ‘Professional Friend’.

Both products offer a wide range of programmes, tools, activities and supportive techniques to encourage stress management, creation of healthy habits, interventions to improve different areas of well-being such as sleep, balancing emotions and coping with change, amongst others. Both products are very easy to use, are secure, confidential and GDPR compliant.

Dedicated Friend

This is accessible for individual purchase and provides guided programmes for the user to start getting the benefits quickly and easily. There is a free trial and instant access to tools that enable relaxation, self-help and also includes a programme tailored to coping with the pressures of the covid-19 pandemic. More information is available at

Professional Friend

This is an interactive on-demand platform for employees, enabling employers to provide their workforce with a proactive approach to well-being, good mental health and stress management in the workplace. It is accessible via work and personal devices allowing organisations to provide invaluable wellbeing support to all staff at work and home, 24/7. Likes its sister product, it provides the full range of activities that aid relaxation, self-awareness and empowers mindfulness. More information is available at There is also a training package that can be rolled out to organisations that provides health and well-being awareness and demonstrates the benefits of the ongoing support via the toolkit.

We would love to demonstrate the products to show how they can enrich people’s lives and provide instant and quality techniques to help people feel supported as they move through any challenge or change that they are facing at this unique time.

Contact: Eve Holder


Phone: 07870875507