About Freedom Focus

I help overwhelmed business owners to take back control of their business so you can make more money with less stress.

If you’re feeling your business is controlling you, if you’re working long hours and feeling you have to do it all by yourself, then you may be asking: “ how do I get back in control?”

The good news is that if you’re naturally hard working then taking back control is going to be easier than you currently think.

I’m not the kind of ‘coach’ who’s going to act like your ‘dad’ telling you what to do and the holding you accountable. If you’re looking for that, then I’m not the coach for you.

But if you’re looking to get back in control, so you can enjoy life and be proud of the business you’ve created, then I may well be able to help you.

This is about you. I don’t really see myself as a coach, I’m more of a catalyst, who’ll help you to identify the business you want, creating a lower energy, lower stress path towards creating it.

When you’ve called me for an initial chat, and we’ve decided to work together, then we’ll quickly get you back in the driver’s seat. We’ll work together, to help you to reconnect with why you started the business, and how you want it to fit into your life.

Everyone is different, but the areas we might focus on include: –

  • What do you really want?
  • Bringing the best out of you and your staff.
  • Systemising your business
  • Attracting more customers with more focused positioning & marketing
  • More profit with less effort.

The mix and focus will depend on you and your business. The next step is yours.

Contact: Anth Quinn


Phone: 07773 699173