About Holistic Academy Network Ltd

We are a highly motivated team of 3 who assist individuals and businesses to identify their stresses and make improvements in their life to take daily action to manage these stresses. We are a wellbeing business which uses complementary medicine, positive psychology and coaching to assist businesses and individuals take charge of their wellbeing and grow as people and assist their business growth.

We use techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, NLP techniques to help businesses and individuals achieve balance in and create daily self-care. If you are an SME business, we can either through face to face or online training assist you in creating a safe and uplifting working environment. People are worried, anxious and unsure of how the future looks. We can prepare your business and its employees for any eventuality. Creating confident, motivated staff and as a direct result increase their productivity and thus your company’s productivity.

Contact: Lisa Viccars


Phone: 07804 523463