About i2i Business Solutions LLP

As a CEO/ COO David managed a multi million pound business with 50 staff through the 2008 recession tackling redundancy, cost reductions, renegotiation of supplier contracts, investment in technology and essentially a pivot creating revised business plans which ultimately achieved growth goals. The long term experience of working in a highly regulated competitive sector with responsibility for Marketing, Finance, IT, HR, Operations and Customer Care has proven essential in supporting clients within the i2i practice.  2008 was obviously not identical to managing life with Covid-19 but lessons learnt from that previous dramatic recessionary experience have proven invaluable in our dealings this year.

David is able to bring this cross functional, practical experience along with the “big picture” thinking as a marketer in a personable yet highly effective approach. [Testimonials Available on Request]

In response to the brief we would be very confident in delivering professional, pragmatic and grounded advice to support SME’s across Tees Valley with one to one or one to many consultations relating to the following outlined requirements. i2i has a proven, systematic approach to supporting clients and put their interests and needs at the heart of our efforts to provide essential guidance and planning support to achieve desired outcomes.

  • Business planning and reshaping strategy e.g. pivoting to open up new areas of demand rapidly
  • Cashflow planning
  • Human resources e.g. navigating HR policies, procedures and legislation
  • Digital and shifting to online trading
  • Operations, including health and safety e.g. adapting customer journeys to reduce physical touch points (tech adoption)

Contact: David Laud


Phone: 07880794731