About Marketing Skills Academy

The Academy was launched as a response to two problems faced by many SMEs – a lack of concise available resources available to help those wanting to improve their marketing and sales skills; and a lack of specialist, experienced face-to-face coaching and training to acquire the depth of knowledge needed to put a business growth plan into action.

We can work in partnership with you and your teams to achieve the following:

  • Audit your existing marketing, communications and sales strategies and processes (internally and externally), to determine SMART goals and the most effective strategies;
  • Research your target audience and their motivations to purchase including competitive analyses to define your unique selling proposition (USP);
  • Identify and plan the most appropriate and effective marketing tools and channels across digital (web, social media, email, mobile, etc.) and traditional media (advertising, PR, TV and radio, etc.) to proactively communicate with your target audience;
  • Training individuals and teams to create engaging, educational and entertaining content (blogs, videos, podcasts, eBooks, etc.)
  • Plan and implement your marketing and sales funnel – mapping your customer journey – to convert cold leads into warm prospects and loyal customers;
  • Set the parameters and metrics to proactively monitor all marketing and sales activities, measuring return on investment.
  • Coach, mentor and train future leaders and senior managers.

All Marketing Skills Academy clients will personally benefit from:

  • Knowledge transfer – 25+ years experience of strategic business planning, brand development and marketing communications, including access to a full professional network of creative partners where required.
  • 1-1 mentoring – We don’t just focus on the physical outcomes – it’s also about developing a positive mindset too and how it can promote success in your business.
  • Accountability – we set action tasks with clear targets at every stage of development. Before each session you will report back on progress to date. This exercise is used to motivate, encourage action and generate results – fast!

Hopefully this provides an overview of the ways in which Marketing Skills Academy can help your business find clarity, purpose and direction for future success!

Contact: Simon Clayton


Phone: 07846 690938