About North Link Digital

North Link Digital offers IT Consulting, Digital Design and Full Stack Development of web & mobile applications.

Digital Design

  • North Link Digital can provide Visual Design services, User Experience (UX) design & rapid prototyping of web sites or mobile application.  Our team are also experts in Content Management Systems and eCommerce solutions.

Full Stack Development

  • North Link Digital offers enterprise standard full stack development of web & mobile applications using the latest secure and scalable technology.

IT Consulting

  • Our management team has two decades of experience delivering major (multi-year, multi-million dollar) programmes of change.  We specialise in Programme Management or Delivery Management within Digital Transformation programmes.

We can advise local SMEs on how best to digitally transform their business.  That could be through adopting technology to reduce physical touch points or creating a website or online sales capability to open up new areas of demand.  We can provide an initial consultation either remotely or in person.  We can then produce options and recommendations, followed by full end to end delivery if required.

Contact: Graham Orrell


Phone: 07793 564085