About OptiMe

At OptiMe our digital solution provides employees with personalised wellbeing on the go. Employees can access their own personal wellbeing dashboard from a desktop computer or by downloading the OptiMe app from Google Play or the App Store. Once logged in employees will be able to view workshops, designed and delivered by leading experts across the Six Pillars of Wellbeing. Workshop examples include ‘Managing Stress’ ‘Meeting your Financial Goals’ and ‘Improving Posture’. Healthy recipes based on dietary requirements are also included, along with exercises based on daily occupational activity to help relieve stressors and strains. Each user will receive new content on a regular basis as well as direct access to the OptiMe Wellbeing Support Line, a freephone number providing counselling support and practical advice on a range of topics such as divorce/separation, debt and stress/anxiety.

The OptiMe team will work closely with each organisation to ensure they receive the support required to implement an effective employee wellbeing strategy. This can include an Employee Wellbeing Policy, Company Wellbeing Strategy, and access to the OptiMe platform/app for all employees.

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Contact: Bethany Ainsley


Phone: 01642 566511