Populus Select works closely with organisations to identify, attract and hire exceptional talent. We develop a deep understanding of what our clients do, the company culture and the competencies and characteristic of the professionals that they need to hire.

Based in the Tees Valley, we are passionate about our region and that the businesses that are the lifeline of the area, prosper and thrive.

The sectors in which we work:

Sustainable Technology 

Whether you are scaling up a new technology and need the team to move it from a proven academic model to full scale commercialisation or need a more specific critical scientific or engineering skillset in a growing business; the Populus team can help.


In an increasingly complex engineered world, critical hires or scarce skillsets in design or operational engineering environments are in high demand, including disciplined engineers, project leaders, commercially focussed or business leaders.


Modern manufacturing demands in increasingly regulated industry environments require highly talented, dedicated specialists who understand their environment, how to manufacture in a safe, compliant and commercially effective supply chain to increase your competitiveness in a global market.

Biotech and Life-Sciences 

Life sciences, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology all demand for people who care, who are credible in their market, who can innovate at pace and deliver value.  Populus understand the challenges of identifying credible candidates through discreet searches for sensitive hires.

Our values: 

  • Honesty – always transparent. Authentic in our actions.
  • Integrity – The cornerstone to building sound, long term relationships. Across the board.
  • Respect – Zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind. A strong desire for a fairer, just society.
  • Eco-aware – We actively aim to do better. Contributing towards a cleaner planet.

Contact: Sim Hall


Phone: 01325 488518