About Red Button Marketing and Training

Our business is all about working with SME’s who want to see improved results from their marketing activity.  We have innovated a framework based upon the concept of a button which gives a business 12 magic threads that when followed will continuously help them to plan, implement and track their marketing activity.  This solution is not just to give a strategic approach once.  The framework acts as a continuous management tool.  By operating with the framework in your business it means you can always develop and maintain joined up thinking .  Not only does this solution support your marketing but it plays an essential role in the development and motivation of your team.  Within the framework we show you how you can get the most from your team and explore further potential and training opportunities.  Job definition and clarity play a key role in your business success.

We provide something new and very innovative – we are all about looking at a new way of thinking so that businesses grow and prosper.  Our courses and support is an investment in the future of your team and your business.  This is an extremely affordable way to ensure you capture all the elements you need for successful marketing.  We have redefined the meaning of marketing and what is represents in the day to day operations of your company.

In summary our training and support gives you a way to solve challenges, motivate your team, plan focused and coordinated activity, capitalise on ideas and save time and money.  I offer this framework either by a one off training course which is CPD accredited or I can deliver monthly support.

Contact: Margaret Bradshaw


Phone: 07837 305589