About Red Button Marketing & Training

Red Button Marketing & Training offers accredited marketing planning training and support.  Our training is in a robust process that connects your people to the activities they are carrying out in order to drive commercial success.

We know that businesses are propelled forward with the power of connected thinking across a team; it’s about people and culture and our training programmes give you that connected process to take forward in your business.

Access our training and you will get:

  • The formula for a sustainable and agile marketing plan
  • The 12 step process that powers up your marketing machine
  • A clear visual on what your marketing process looks like
  • CPD accredited training
  • An award-winning online marketing platform where you can store, plan and track all your marketing tasks
  • Continued training and development of your team in line with a connected process for growth

Save time, save money, maximise resource, solve problems quickly and see progress with our sustainable framework.

Each course is accompanied by our award-winning online planning tool, My Marketing Button (  My Marketing Button empowers you and your team, helps you to get organised and collaborate, and manage all your marketing tasks in one place, whilst connecting each task to your marketing plan and a business outcome such as referrals and testimonials or client sales.  The software also comes with built in advice on carrying out marketing tasks based on best practice.

My Marketing Button is powered by the same unique methodology as the training which is proven to help your business thrive and guide you towards achieving your marketing goals.

By attending one of our workshops, you will start to build your marketing plan, develop, implement and connect your marketing, enabling you to achieve your desired marketing results whatever stage and type of business you operate within.