About Red Robot Systems

Red Robot Systems offers value-added software experiences as a people focussed company tailored to suit all and every business. Scoping and consultation are free to help identify business issues and concerns, to ensure the right solution is found. With added customer support after delivery to give businesses peace of mind. Showing value and pride in the extensive ready to use software available and the intuitive nature of custom-built.

We have helped numerous businesses in the Tees Valley region with scoping and implementation of strategic software and systems to adhere to there business environment. We continue to ensure, and guarantee businesses have the right support and aftercare available, alongside promising seamless delivery from consultation, development up to the execution. Our team has vast knowledge and experience in different areas of software and business issues – to secure endless possibilities, security, control optimization and improvement.

We’ve seen the problem, we know the problem, we deliver the solution’. Is at the forefront of our business identity. Becoming the main premise under the ideology of your business, your solution, value-added understanding, suitable for businesses of all sizes, budgets, and nature. Providing and developing software such as fulfilment system, leasing software, time and attendance system and more.

Contact: Stephen Harrington


Phone: 01642 634865