About SellerHQ

SellerHQ is a Digital Marketing, SaaS development company. We provide all areas of digital marketing to eCommerce businesses, as well as building digital products to improve & streamline  processes.

We have a variety of platforms which we would like to offer to local companies. One product we have built is a car sales platform, this allows garages to sell cars online. We also offer digital marketing alongside this product to help increase sales.

SellerHQ has also partnered up with another local business to build a food ordering platform which we will sell to takeaways & restaurants. This enables customers to take orders online via their own website which reduces contact with waiters etc… For example, each table within a restaurant will have a QR code which the customer scan’s, which brings up the business menu. The platform also stores the customers information which can be later used for track & trace.

Contact: Rikky Pink


Phone: 01642 130 134