About Sencode Cyber Security

Here at Sencode we offer cyber security services to meet just about every business need. In this current COVID-19 economy businesses are seeing first hand what detrimental effects having no digital presence can bring to them. Many have started to adapt to this and we are now seeing a huge increase in the number of businesses that are making the transition to becoming digital. This appears to be coming in many forms, whether that be by creating mobile applications or building web applications to better sell their services online, companies are indeed doing it. With all of that being said, securing these new websites and applications is of the utmost importance to the local economy.

This is where Sencode comes in. We can help a business of any size secure their web application, mobile application or other.

Core services we believe can help this sector of the economy:

  • Web-Application penetration testing. (Such as new e-commerce stores)
  • Mobile-Application penetration testing.
  • Cyber awareness training for staff working in new home environments. (Securing documents, VPN connections, secure home working configurations)
  • Advice on how to transition into the digital space, this could be what cloud infrastructure they may need and how to secure it.
  • Helping local businesses set up small website installations, securely.
  • How to secure personal information.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact: Matthew Protheroe


Phone: 07958 421 090