About Shaun Hogg Digital

Services I can offer;

  • Digital strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Digital project scoping
  • Digital transformation planning
  • CRM set up, training and bespoke customisation
  • Online audits

The “one liner” would be “Digital Consultant”

What do a web developer, marketing manager and company director have in common? In most cases, probably nothing. In my case, it’s digital.

Those are things I’ve done in my career that have led me to where I am now: digital strategist to the stars (by ‘stars’ I mean you).

While the roles are varied, my path has been united by digital. Digital got me into building web apps, which led into helping businesses make the most of their websites, which evolved into leading companies to do better things online, before landing at here and now — advising you on how to build and expand your digital presence.

The strategy part of what I do, though, that’s driven by more than helping your business with all things digital. It comes from a desire to give you advice and guidance in a way that makes sense.

Because too many people make digital hard to understand.

Too many companies use fancy buzzwords and industry jargon to sell you things you don’t need and encourage you to invest in campaigns that don’t work. They try to dazzle you but end up bamboozling you instead.

You’re a business owner, not a robot. You don’t want to hear about leveraging data or paradigm shifts or creating synergy to harness low-hanging fruits. You need someone to explain things simply and teach rather than sell, so you can go on to grow your own business.

That’s my aim — to support you in using digital, without the nonsense. I guess you can call me the no fluff digital strategist.

So if you’re looking to grow, or want to chat through your ideas about where digital can fit into your plans for the future, give me a shout.

Contact: Shaun Hogg


Phone: 01642 924111