About Smile Training and Development Consultancy Ltd

Essentially I can provide one to one coaching or group training in any ‘soft skills’ subject.

I believe that work should be fulfilling, creative, intellectually challenging, and allow us to use our heads and our hearts – our whole human selves, to the fullest extent. I want people to be empowered by the work they do and to become better people by doing it. I have twenty two years’ experience of customer care, business development and human resource management on four continents, my background is in ‘hospitality’. In 1998 I created my own company and became the Managing Director of Smile, an innovative and creative training company offering a unique bespoke service to clients, based in the North East of England realizing the correlation between quality customer care and business generation, I created an innovative training concept. I am a skilled consultant, an excellent teacher and motivator, and an experienced sales woman.

I have designed and delivered individually tailored training courses and provided HR consultancy for companies in the business and manufacturing sectors, healthcare, hospitality and service industries such as Etihad Airlines, government services, local authorities, voluntary organizations, public/private partnerships and individuals.

Professional coaching and confidence building – I have provided intensive coaching individually and in small groups for professionals seeking to raise their skill levels, women returners and young people struggling to find their way in the world. I have also provided training for SME start-ups (customer care, relationship marketing strategies, advice, employment law, ICT and entrepreneurial assistance) and run successful business seminars in public relations, sales, grants and funding.

For the past two years I have provided one to one coaching for new doctors in Leadership and Management and also one to one training for a Technology company for the past twenty two years.

Contact: Rosemary Aguilar


Phone: 07976563505