About Social Allies

At Social Allies, we provide a holistic digital marketing service creating high-impact and stand out content for all of your social media marketing needs. We are a team of digital strategists and creatives who can really help boost your online presence during this time of uncertainty.

Our full range of services are here to give you the best chance to bounce back, and we offer:

  • Social Media Strategy; including research and strategic planning in the form of monthly post plans,
  • Creation – we run accounts on all major social networks including Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube plus many more!
  • Creation including a full Graphic Design service (both digital and print), photography that will make your products stand out, and motion graphics and video to really boost your page!
  • Customer service ensuring that your clients and customers never go without a reply
  • Competition monitoring so we can see what others in your field are doing and how to get ahead of the curve

We also offer a Paid Ads service, which focuses on running ads on the Facebook platform – this enables us to use a monthly budget set by the client and then run targeted ads to a set audience, helping them achieve a return on investment and increase brand awareness.

If we can offer any advice to help you get back on track, please feel free to give us a message

Contact: Jessica Tucker


Phone: 01642 064409