About Stride Safety Environmental & ISO Compliance Services

At this difficult time of recovery, support services may therefore be at their most helpful where allowing key senior personnel to concentrate upon manufacturing, service to customers, sales and marketing tasks.

The ‘perceived-to-be-less-urgent’ management of health & safety and other management tasks is something that must not be neglected, therefore efficient help in ensuring compliance could be an important relief to business owners and managers.

Stride’s main services lie in:

  1. Health and safety management (up to and including the ISO45001 standard)
  2. Quality management (up to and including the ISO9001 standard)
  3. Environmental management (up to and including the ISO14001 standard)

In all of the above disciplines, more detailed services can include:

  1. A free initial visit and report to establish baseline performance levels and weaknesses.
  2. Advice as to the ‘route of least resistance’ and least cost to legal compliance and insurer satisfaction.
  3. Auditing, monitoring and inspection of systems, processes and personnel.
  4. The creation of a body of evidence sufficient to prove compliance to authorities and clients.
  5. The creation of management systems from scratch, in line with above ISO standards (whether or not accreditation is required).
  6. The hosting of management meetings including agenda writing, chairing and production of minutes and action points.
  7. The production of any and all required documentation to a high professional standard.
  8. Staff training.

Contact: Doug Harris


Phone: 07960 481392