About Sustainability Consultancy Limited

I would like to introduce my company Sustainability Consultancy Limited (SCL) which I recently launched here in Darlington, St George Middleton. Our main service as Accredited Energy Commercial Auditors, are to help property owners on how they can  standardize their buildings to be energy efficient, bill reduction and reduce carbon reduction, according to the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard landlord guidance 2018. As qualified Energy Auditor I carry out energy efficiency assessments for commercial buildings and public accessed buildings, by producing Non-Domestic Energy Certificates (EPC’S) up to Level 4 and Advisory Reports (AR) and together with Display Energy Certificates (DEC’s) for public accessed buildings.

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required for every commercial building when it is constructed, sold or let. This certificate gives information about the energy efficiency of the building to owners, prospective buyers and tenants.

And a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) is a legal requirement for any public building over 250m2. The purpose of introducing DECs is to raise public awareness of energy use and to inform visitors to public buildings about the energy use of a building. DECs provide an energy rating of the building from A to G, where A is very efficient and G is the least efficient and are based on the actual amount of metered energy used by the building over the last 12 months within the validity period of the DEC

Contact: Blessing Amin


Phone: 07490734093