About The Creative Alchemist

What we offer:

At the Creative Alchemist, we all share the same ethos “everything for a reason” which captures our spirit of combining our logical process with strategic thinking and creativity to build unforgettable brands.

We offer a range of services, including brand strategy, marketing, design, and digital. We work with clients to build strong, authentic brands, and we design campaigns and implement their marketing strategies.

This combination of business and brand strategy, creative ideas, and marketing wisdom is what makes our offer unique. Our three-stage process: explore, create and evolve results in a strategically sound brand foundation and active brand management, which overcomes challenges and acts as a growth booster. It results in confident and clear communication and ensures a brand is reflective of its vision and values, resonates with its target customers, and has a marketing strategy in place that will return impressive results.

Contact: Lisa Holt


Phone: 01642 224706