About The Link Charitable Trust

What we offer:

The Family Hub – The Family Hub is a 3-year Lottery funded project to work in the community with children, young people, parents and carers.  The project seeks to identify problems at an earlier stage before they become too entrenched or require specialist or statutory involvement and makes connections with community groups and other early intervention service provision

Social groups for children and young people –

Our groups continue to be a great opportunity to build resilience.

Participation – We look at Children’s rights, feelings, mental health and discussing how we might best include the thoughts and ideas of young people into our practice.

Outreach- 1:1 Outreach is tailored to suit each individual child/ young person’s needs.

Speak Easy (Adult Peer Support Group)- A place to meet other adults with similar circumstances.

Adult Mental Health Support- This allows us to offer crucial mental health support to our parents/carers and other adults we work with. We offer low-level mental health support offering techniques and interventions to help adults better recognise their own mental health stressors and how to deal with them.

In addition to volunteering opportunities

This has recently been widened to include adults seeking support who are/or who have been affected by COVID. We offer therapeutic and social groups in addition to 1-1 support.

Contact: Tina Jackson


Phone: 01642 989198