About Walker Business Transformation LTD

In light of the Covid-19 situation the ability for SME’s to adapt, transform and respond to the recent and potentially ongoing challenges will be vital for those wanting to survive and thrive in uncertain times.

WBT Ltd provides Consultancy and Training delivered by experienced practitioners who can advise and guide organisations wishing to undertake successful transformation programmes in these uncertain times.

We support organisations to truly understand customer requirements, analyse how much unnecessary work currently takes place, facilitate the redesign of processes and help to implement new simpler processes that minimise risks and that best meet customers’ needs.

The WBT approach is about giving you the capability to transform your services and ensure that the changes are sustainable and part of ongoing improvement.  After all, “One-off” fixes are only effective until something else changes and the benefits start to erode.

We show leaders how to lead improvement activity.  We do this with minimal classroom time and maximum participative work, with front line staff drawn from the work to co-create improvement.  Our six-stage approach takes leaders and teams on a journey of discovery to truly understand their current work systems and identifies so many inefficiencies that they want to improve it for the better.

Our track record is one of saving our clients time, money and reducing risk. If you want to unlock the true potential of your organisation and be prepared for the challenges ahead and give your business the best possible chance of surviving and thriving, then look no further than WBT Ltd.

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Phone: 07736 379911