About Breakfast Briefing: Information Session for Suppliers

Are you a supplier of energy efficiency or renewable energy equipment to Tees Valley SMEs?

Did you know about the ERDF funded SME Energy Efficiency Scheme ( The scheme is able to contribute 45% towards projects that save enough carbon.

The focus of SMEES is to support Tees Valley SMEs with fully-funded independent energy advice using our in-house team of technical specialists to identify ways to save energy. While some businesses will implement low-cost and no-cost opportunities themselves to save money and reduce their carbon footprint, a 45% grant is available to encourage the adoption of more expensive measures with capital costs of between £10,000 to £100,000 – the award of grant funding is subject to significant carbon savings being made.

The normal route to access a grant is for SMEs to receive an energy audit and work with our technical specialists to implement a range of recommendations, some of which may be grant funded.

The purpose of the Information Session is to brief suppliers of energy efficiency and renewable energy equipment so that they are fully aware of what the grant can and cannot fund. We will achieve this by transparently explaining the grant process and its various ERDF and state aid or subsidy requirements.

At all times the beneficiaries of SMEES are the SME businesses with a Tees Valley trading address. Still, we do wish to engage with the Supply Chain, so that they can understand the grant scheme themselves and in so doing, give clear and accurate information to their customers.

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Tees Valley Business & Narec Distributed Energy

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Wednesday 2nd February 2022

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