About DigitalCity Bricks and Clicks Programme

DigitalCity are pleased to announce the new Bricks and Clicks Programme starting from Spring 2023, which is aimed at Tees Valley businesses who combine a physical presence with an online e-commerce offering to reach national and international audiences (B2B or B2C).

Examples of eligible businesses may include:

  • Creative designer makers with workshops, light industrial units etc.
  • Artists with gallery/retail spaces
  • Cultural sector with physical and online offers
  • Independent retailers (including non-high street retailers e.g. selling car parts from a workshop space in person and online would be eligible).

The programme is suitable for businesses who are already trading online, so DigitalCity can help companies to optimise, analyse and grow their e-commerce and physical retail simultaneously.

Our consultants will conduct a digital audit/health check of each business to highlight any challenges or needs that the company has in order to increase its digital presence and online e-commerce offering.

The Bricks and Clicks Programme will consist of workshops and mentoring delivered by expert consultants. Workshops will start in March. Each eligible business will have access to a development grant of up to £3,000 and awards will be based upon the outcome of the digital health check.

This will lead to an action plan being created for the business to enhance engagement with both new and existing customers both nationally and internationally.

Please click the button to fill the form or email to register your interest.

Application deadline is now 17th February.

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Thursday 9th March 2023

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