About Employment Taxes Update: Opportunities For 2021

Many employers are starting to consider how changes in employment tax matters, set to be implemented from April 2021, will affect them going forward. UNW’s latest Employment Taxes Update webinar could help…

The purpose of this webinar is to help you plan and prepare for the future and will be delivered by UNW’s specialist team of Lee Muter, Employment Taxes Partner, and Paul Tucker, Employment Taxes Senior Manager. They will also be joined by guest speaker Harvey Perkins, a nationally renowned company car specialist and Co-Founder at HRUX.

Lee and Paul will cover a variety of topics of importance to employers, including the tax issues specifically relating to expenses and benefits provided during COVID. On top of this, they will discuss the incoming changes to IR35 in the private sector, which were delayed from April 2020 and will now be implemented in April 2021. They will further cover the implications of restructuring, with concentration on some key areas for employers to review.

Harvey will then offer an update on major changes to company cars and vehicle policy that have taken place since April 2020, as well as a unique insight into the developing themes in company car / allowance / salary sacrifice remuneration calculations, and what employers should look at in the years ahead.

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UNW Chartered Accountants

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Thursday 21st January 2021

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