About IDTC On-Campus Workshop

The IDTC On-Campus Workshop begins with a lab tour, an overview of the IDTC project at Teesside University and an introduction to the workshop itself. Afterwards, sensor technology and legacy equipment will be explored, as well as business simulations and tests bed. There will also be a demo of data analysis and dashboarding through PowerBI and a demo of AR/VR technology through VCommandR and Hololens. Furthermore, there will be an ERP demo with ZEST I/O and there will be an opportunity for you to network with like-minded businesses. Lunch will also be provided.

For eligibility to sign up for the workshop your business must:
• Be within the Tees Valley region
• Employ under 250 staff
• Have an annual turnover no greater than €50m per annum

Email David Spencer (IDTC’s Business Innovation Manager)-

Closing date for registrations: 30 January 5.00pm

Event Overview

Event Organiser:

Teesside University IDTC

Event Dates:

Thursday 2nd February 2023

Event Duration:

09:00 - 13:00

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