About Incoterms For Sales Teams: Is getting it wrong costing you money?

This webinar is designed for anyone who is responsible for negotiating sales with international customers. Have you been charged VAT or Duty you didn’t expect? If you don’t understand what incoterm has been agreed, or what it means, then what looks like a good deal could end up being costly.

In this session you will find out who is responsible for paying the import VAT (and duty and more) and how this can change depending on which incoterm is used.


  • What are Incoterms?
  • Why do we use Incoterms?
  • Why do sales teams need to understand Incoterms?
  • Discuss some of the most common Incoterms in more detail
    • EXW
    • FCA
    • DAP
    • DDP
  • What can go wrong if you don’t get your Incoterms right?

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Event Overview

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Tees Valley Business and North East LEP

Event Dates:

Thursday 3rd February 2022

Event Duration:

1 hour

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