About Marketing Strategy: A Framework for Success

Implement a robust marketing strategy based on our solid framework. Motivate your team, improve your results and support your future!

About this event

Is your marketing process driving your business forward? Book your place at the event that will show you how to achieve this in 12 steps!

What does marketing mean to you?

When we talk about marketing we don’t just mean one piece of activity or another – we mean the actual process. By that we mean, how well are you connecting your tasks, your team, your goals, your business character, your offering, your progress and your sales. The answer to many commercial challenges lies in how you view marketing and the role it plays in your business. Marketing is a massive business process and often disregarded as just one piece of activity. There are many parts to the puzzle and with the incredible range of opportunities, communications and creative support available to deliver marketing output, it is a very exciting world!

Making sense of all of it, so you can focus on bringing in the money, is another matter and is a challenge that many business owners face. It is often driven by a lack of time, funds or resources coupled with a sense, of “we need sales now!”

Here’s what you can expect

So, imagine being able to plan activity, gain ideas, connect all the thinking, be sustainable, basically join the dots and get results in 12 steps?

That’s where we come in! Success is built upon an effective plan – we want you to capitalise on the amazing talent there is to help deliver your marketing activity whether that’s in house or you outsource to an agency to support. We are here to give you the 12 steps you need to have within your business so that you are in control of your marketing process and can remain totally focused on success. When we talk about reporting, this is not about social analytics, that’s information you already have. Our take on reporting is showing you the commercial reasons why you do the marketing that you do.

If you are serious about wanting to adopt a marketing culture in order to bring about sustainable results then come along to our event.

Who is it for?

This workshop is designed for anyone who is responsible for coordinating marketing within a business. Have the formula you need that will transform how you plan, save HUGE amounts of time, spark ideas and support you all the way through to sales.

What else is included with your training

Included with the training is 12 months access to My Marketing Button, our online platform for marketing planning. This software solution empowers you to implement what you have learnt in the workshop. Put your marketing plan into action by planning your marketing tasks, see clear purpose and track progress in line with your business goals – we will show you more in the session.

By taking part, you will also qualify for 2.5 CPD points and 12 months student membership of The Institute of Leadership and Management.

Book today and we will send you an NDA for you to sign and return ahead of the training.

Event Overview

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Red Button Marketing & Training

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Thursday 22nd September 2022

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13:00 – 16:00

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