About Northern Powerhouse Virtual Offshore Energy Mission to the USA

The Department for International Trade (DIT) invites businesses from across the Northern Powerhouse region to express their interest in joining our virtual trade mission focused on the offshore wind sector in the North Eastern region of the USA.

The mission is ideal for businesses active in the offshore energy sector – or those thinking about entering it – who want to explore opportunities in the USA to establish if the market is right for them.

This online programme, spread over 3 days, will provide an overview of the offshore wind market in North Eastern USA.

  • Access to a series of webinars delivered by specialist speakers, innovation hubs, key players in the market, and country experts
  • Get market and sector briefings and intelligence
  • Evaluate if the US market is right for your business before investing more time and resource

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Event Overview

Event Organiser:

Department for International Trade

Event Dates:

Tuesday 8th December 2020

Event Duration:

3 day event

Event Cost:

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