About Reset. Restart: Your Market Opportunities

Open to all UK business owners, our Reset. Restart programme is here to help you transform, future-proof or grow your business through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. This is one of 10 free webinars you can join as part of the programme to receive practical, jargon-free training and advice. Visit to find out more.
After the uncertainty of the last nine months with the COVID-19 pandemic and the pending Brexit scenario, how is business, and the world in general, evolving? Pete Schonbeck will take you through some engaging and surprising statistics and insights that will help your business refresh, re-engage with consumers, and prepare for the new and evolving marketplace.

This workshop will cover:

  • current consumer trends
  • the growth in online and mobile device use
  • which markets are performing particularly well in the pandemic how social and environmental aspects are shaping our world
  • how businesses have adapted to help the UK and the world economy fight back against the virus
  • the impact of Brexit and how you can prepare

About your speaker

Pete Schonbeck (Productschön Business Advice), offers quality and popular business advice and coaching. Pete is a creative industry focussed business adviser. He was part of a London based business advisory team with LSBC, and now provides business insights and strategy support for both new and established businesses. These include fashion creatives, artists, service industry professionals and a multitude of online and offline businesses in the food & beverage, tech, furniture, beauty, travel, sports and well-being sectors.

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Event Overview

Event Organiser:

British Library

Event Dates:

Friday 4th December 2020

Event Duration:

10am - 12pm

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