About Reset. Restart: Your Social and Environmental Impact

Open to all UK business owners, our Reset. Restart programme is here to help you transform, future-proof or grow your business through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. This is one of 10 free webinars you can join as part of the programme to receive practical, jargon-free training and advice. Visit to find out more.

More so than ever, businesses and business owners are conscious of the impact they are having on the world around them. As product demand swells, many businesses are looking at how they can pivot their practices so that sustainability is integrated into their business. On top of it being the conscientious thing to do, increasing your focus on social and environmental responsibility has other benefits for your business – bolstering your brand, improving trust and reputation with your consumers, and increasing your staff morale.

Whether promoting sustainability through responsible values or learning how to reduce our waste as both consumers and business owners, this workshop covers essential knowledge and methods for ensuring that your impact on the environment and communities is positive and productive, and that you are leveraging this as a business owner.

This workshop will cover:

  • how to pivot to more sustainable business practices
  • the best methods for reducing our waste
  • sharing business assets that can help local communities
  • case studies of businesses who went green and remained successful
  • how increasing our social impact can improve long-term sustainability

About your speaker

Tonisha Tagoe is a Cannes award-winning Film and Television producer, academic, executive coach, start-up consultant and mother. Over the past 15 years, she has worked with successful individuals including Robert Greene, Michael Essen, James Caan and produced evergreen content for various media powerhouses such as Start-Up Loans, BET UK, Metro Bank and the MOBO Awards. Tonisha is currently a work-based Learning Lecturer specialising in the development of entrepreneurs. Visit Tonisha’s website here.

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Event Overview

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British Library

Event Dates:

Friday 11th December 2020

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3pm - 5pm

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