About The 7Cs of Scale Up Success

Are you a SME leader looking  to expand your supply chain operations? Join us for this FREE webinar to find out the 7Cs of Scale Up Success!

Ex-LEGO senior director and Principal Supply Chain consultant, Calum Lewis, will be discussing the 7Cs required for Successful Supply Chain Scale Up.

  1. Capacity – too much or too little are both damaging for business revenues
  2. Culture – are the skills and capabilities that got the business to this stage what’s needed to get to the next level?
  3. Capability – operating on a different scale asks new questions of people
  4. Collaboration – decisions around what activities are performed in-house and those outsourced should be reviewed as part of planning growth
  5. Complexity – growth doesn’t automatically have to mean increased complexity
  6. Costs – understanding the nature of your costs and how they are driven
  7. Capital – the difference between total capacity and effective capacity – where is capital investment required?

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Key Takeaways

Scaling up operations and the associated supply chain activities are fundamental decisions; the consequences of getting them wrong are always serious and can be fatal to a firm’s competitive capabilities and survival.

Capital employed and costs will increase; can these be offset by increased revenues in time? 

This session will help companies avoid these costly mistakes in order to ensure their expansion programmes are delivered successfully. 


About Calum Lewis

Calum has extensive experience in leading businesses and delivering exceptional operational and financial performance. With the LEGO Group, he embedded best practice supply chain management to drive five-fold sales growth in the UK/Ireland market whilst supporting LEGO’s climb to No 1 UK Toy Supplier. More recently, with responsibility for planning and inventory management across EMEA, he enhanced the capability and effectiveness of managing supply to around 80 countries in the region. 


Recognised for his clear insight on core issues and not being afraid to challenge prevailing thinking or ways of working, he is highly skilled at implementing innovative approaches to supply chain management. Calum believes it is now more critical than ever to combine creative and analytic thinking to make innovation happen. 




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Tees Valley Business

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Tuesday 15th March 2022

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10:00AM -11:00AM

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