About Turning high hopes into high performance

Do you have high hopes and aspirations for business growth? Have you identified areas in the business where productivity could be higher? Our free-to-attend development programme is designed for you.

Benefits for you and your business

This intensive course is designed to be light on your time away from the business but heavy on the benefits and potential. Packed with insights from businesses who have been where you are now, you’ll also enjoy practical learning and exploration of the specific productivity hurdles you are facing. You’ll come out of this programme equipped and empowered to make performance-boosting changes to your business right away. You will gain insights into:

• Making the best of your leadership capabilities and where and how to improve

• Developing a clear plan on how to sharpen your competitive edge

• Creating and leading a high-performance culture

• Developing, recruiting and retaining high performing people

• Identifying ways to deliver more value to customers whilst keeping costs down

• Implementing and using technology to optimise profitability and productivity

• Maximising your new network of progressive and forward-thinking business leaders

Programme structure

We know this approach works, but you’ll need to give it your all. The best results will come if you dig deep into your experience, share openly with your peers, are prepared to be challenged and to challenge others and have the drive to implement what you’ve learned following the course.

The programme will be delivered virtually, however we will reintroduce physical workshops and site visits if the current situation changes.

There will be two workshops per theme, in which the first session will be an introduction to the theme and incorporate a Q&A session with a leading company. The second session will explore the theme in more detail and provide opportunities to share challenges and learn from the peer group.

The programme consists of

Starting point

Benchmarking and leadership diagnostic so you can track progress.

Eight workshops two on each theme

Focus on leadership, future planning, talent management and technology

Performance coaching

Get help from people who have navigated similar challenges


Follow up and performance improvement analysis

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Event Overview

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Wednesday 20th January 2021

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