About TWIIN WEBINAR: UK and EU Collaborative Funding Opportunities

UK and EU Collaborative Funding Opportunities Webinar: An Innovative Journey with TWIIN

Our next UK and EU collaborative funding online webinar will be taking place on Wednesday 07 December 2022, and will focus on the upcoming UK and European funding calls.

This TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN) session has been designed to provide insights into new and upcoming funding opportunities in 2023 and the support made available by the Technology Innovation Management (TIM) team at TWI – for people, universities and companies who are looking to get involved and wish to learn more about the collaborative project opportunities and the public funding industry in the UK and European region.

In order for the TIM colleagues to fully understand each company’s requirements, a free 1-2-1 appointment has been made available at the end of this webinar. Simply book your place at registration.

An Innovative Journey with TWIIN is free-to-attend, however, pre-registration is required.

You can expect to hear presentations from keynote speakers and presenters from Innovate UK, TWI Industrial Member companies, TWI-University partnership Innovation Centres and TWI’s innovation team in the following sessions:

  • Welcome
  • Introduction to the TWIIN and TWI’s Technology Innovation Management (TIM) services
  • Overview of TWIIN’s new digital platform: Orbit
  • UK funding landscape and upcoming UK opportunities (Innovate UK and Research Council)
  • EU funding landscape and upcoming Horizon Europe opportunities
  • Q&A next steps
  • Pre-booked 1-2-1 appointments with TIM innovation funding expert

Delegates are highly recommended to schedule an exclusive 1-2-1 session with TWI’s public funding experts. This is an opportunity for you to discuss new funding opportunities for collaboration, explore ideas and concept development or to hear more about TIM’s offerings and how you can be involved. However, there are a limited number of sessions available and they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis when you book your place.

Who should attend?

This webinar has been specifically designed for TWI’s Industrial and TWIIN Members, TWI’s Innovation Centres (ICs), university partners and TWI staff who are based in the UK and EU, with an interest in learning more about, and participating in, collaborative projects for Innovate UK, Horizon Europe and Research Council funding calls. This webinar is also open to non-members who are interested in learning about TWIIN.

Why should you attend?

The Technology Innovation Management (TIM) team at TWI, along with the invited keynote speakers from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), will deliver detailed information on the funding landscape and calls analysis covering the first half of 2023 across the UK and EU with a focus on topics such as Energy, Digital and Industry, Manufacturing, Transport, Circularity and many more.


Craig Sharp, Horizon Europe National Contact Point (NCP), Innovate UK

Craig is working in Innovate UK as Horizon Europe National Contact Point (NCP) to provide support to UK organisations looking to apply to the Horizon Europe Programme. The NCP role is mandated by the European Commission (replicated across EU countries and beyond) and is a free, impartial, confidential service. UK NCPs are mainly hosted within UK Research and Innovation.

James Foden, Section Manager , Technology Innovation Management (TIM), TWI Ltd

James Foden is an engineer by profession with a first degree in Mechanical Engineering, an M.Phil. in Materials and Metallurgy, and an EngD on technology management for aerospace applications.

James supported Rolls-Royce plc in Derby UK, on the development of various business processes for technology strategy development, prioritisation of research investment and technology readiness. He went on to work for Rolls-Royce plc in Hucknall UK, where he led a number of manufacturing capability, inspection and metrology research projects across civil and military applications, as well as research roadmapping for Combustion and Casings. His experience also extends across academia and the public sector in Malta. Over a period of eight years within a public funding body, he developed a high performing team that delivered national research policies and strategies through local and EU negotiations, implemented national research funding programmes, and led substantial internationalisation collaborations and bilateral programmes for research.

James also specialises in research concept development and expert evaluation of research proposals. He now leads the Technology Innovation Management (TIM) team, as Section Manager, overseeing a large pipeline of collaborative research proposals for TWI and the TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN).

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TWI Innovation Network

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Wednesday 7th December 2022

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9:30 - 12:00

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