About Using Modelling & Simulation to Support Process Scale-Up from Lab to Plant

One of the greatest challenges when scaling up a process is understanding the expected performance of process equipment which may be many orders of magnitude larger than the lab scale equipment in which the process has been developed. The fluid dynamics within most processes change significantly with scale, leading to uncertainty and risk when designing your first upscale plant.

In this webinar we will discuss how CPI uses modelling & simulation to reduce risk in process scale-up for our customers. By creating simulations of processes at both lab and industrial scale we can identify key differences in the fluid dynamics. This information can then be fed into an experimental plan to run scale-relevant trials in the lab, thereby significantly reducing the risk associated with scaling up a process.

Agenda/​Points for discussion

  1. What it is about?
  2. How can CPI support and enable you with your manufacturing process through modelling & simulation
  3. Q&A

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Tuesday 3rd November 2020

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